Unlock the Power of In-Home Training Sessions!

Our In-Home training sessions are your gateway to personalized dog training excellence. Picture this: a skilled trainer coming to your home, meeting you in your neighborhood, or even welcoming you to our state-of-the-art facility, all tailored to achieve your specific training goals.

Here's why our In-Home sessions are the ultimate choice:

  1. Personalized Attention: You and your furry friend are the center of attention. Enjoy one-on-one guidance from our expert trainer, ensuring a training plan that suits your unique needs.
  2. Master the Art of Training: Learn the ropes of dog training directly from our experienced trainer. Gain hands-on knowledge and skills that empower you to be the best trainer for your dog.
  3. Address Home Challenges: Tackle issues specific to your home environment. Our trainer will help you address and overcome any behavioral challenges right where they occur.
  4. Public Poise: Acquire the confidence to control your dog in public spaces. Our training equips you and your dog with the skills needed to navigate any situation.
  5. Guided Progress: Be part of the training journey. Assist in guiding the session and witness your dog's progress firsthand.

Experience the difference of In-Home training and embark on a transformative training journey with your canine companion.

Train your dog today and unleash it's full potential, at home!


Obedience, Puppies, Barking, etc.

6 Sessions: $360

10 Sessions: $550

16 Sessions: $800


Reactivity, Jumping, Off-leash, Pre-aggression

6 Sessions: $576

10 Sessions: $900

16 Sessions: $1360

24 Sessions: $1800


Aggression and Severe reactivity

6 Sessions: $960

10 Sessions: $1500

16 Sessions: $2240

24 Sessions: $3000


At ARETE, we offer a comprehensive Board and Train program designed to provide your dog with the most effective training experience. Our Board and Train program is not only convenient but also highly successful in achieving training goals.

Convenient and efficient training method

Daily training progress

Comprehensive training experience

Transitioning to dog owner


2 Weeks: $2,400

4 Weeks: $3,900

6 Weeks: $5,000

(Puppy) 3 Weeks: $3,000

DOG DAYCARE PASSES - Coming Fall 2024

Referral Discount for Daycare: 50% OFF

Introducing ARETE's Dog Daycare Passes: Pamper your furry companions with a delightful escape at our state-of-the-art facility! We understand the importance of a safe and joyful haven for your pets while you manage your busy schedule. Explore our flexible options, whether it's a full day of daycare, a half-day for shorter visits, or an extended stay of up to 15 days. Our devoted team is committed to showering your pets with love, undivided attention, and invigorating exercise.

Our facility boasts spacious play areas, where your dogs can frolic freely, and our well-trained staff ensures a structured daily routine that keeps them engaged and ecstatic. Your pet's safety and well-being are our top priorities, and we proudly display our certifications and rigorous protocols. Discover the heartwarming stories of satisfied clients through our customer testimonials, providing insights into the exceptional experiences we deliver.

Booking your daycare passes is a breeze, and our friendly team is just a call away to answer any questions. Trust ARETE to be your pet's home away from home, where they'll receive the utmost care and affection while you're away. Join our canine community and give your beloved pets the ARETE experience they deserve!

Single Dog

Pricing for one dog.

1/2 Day: $10

1 Day: $20

3 Day: $54 ($18/day)

6 Day: $96 ($16/day)

12 Day: $168 ($14/day)

15 Day: $180 ($12/day)

Gold Member Unlimited: $200 ($10/day)

More than one dog staying with us? Check the "Additional Dogs" pricing, too.

Additional Dogs

Pricing for each additional dog after the first dog.

1/2 Day: $16

1 Day: $12

3 Day: $33 ($11/day)

6 Day: $60 ($10/day)

12 Day: $108 ($9/day)

15 Day: $120 ($8/day)

Gold Member Unlimited: $140 ($7/day)


Elevate Your Dog's Training with our Engaging Group Sessions!

Join our dynamic group sessions where you and your furry companion embark on a transformative training journey led by our expert trainers. These sessions offer the unique experience of practicing obedience and leash walking amidst a bustling and distraction-filled environment. Your dog will thrive as they learn to master their basic obedience skills, even with multiple four-legged friends around.

Our group sessions are not just for beginners; they're perfect for service dogs and therapy dogs seeking to refine their skills in challenging environments. And if you've already completed training but want to keep your dog's abilities sharp, our sessions are the ideal choice.

What sets us apart is our flexibility – our group sessions' times and locations change each month, ensuring convenience for all participants. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your dog's training in a fun and supportive group setting. Join us and watch your canine companion shine!


  • Beginner dog training is designed for puppies and dogs who are new to training or have limited prior training experience.
  • This level focuses on teaching fundamental obedience commands such as sit, stay, come, and basic leash manners.
  • It often addresses common behavioral issues like housebreaking, chewing, and jumping.
  • Beginner training sets the foundation for good behavior and establishes communication between the dog and owner.


  • Intermediate dog training is intended for dogs that have completed beginner training or have some basic obedience skills.
  • This level builds upon the basics and introduces more advanced commands and behaviors.
  • Dogs learn to respond to commands with greater reliability and consistency.
  • Training may include off-leash control, advanced leash walking, and addressing specific behavioral challenges.


  • Advanced dog training is for dogs that have successfully completed intermediate training and have a solid understanding of obedience.
  • This level often includes off-leash training, complex commands, and specialized skills.
  • Dogs may be prepared for activities like agility, competition obedience, or even service work.
  • Advanced training fine-tunes a dog's behavior and responsiveness, making them highly skilled and well-behaved companions.


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