We are experts in dog training for various roles, from family pets to specialized tasks like emotional support or police work.


ARETE ("ahr-i-tey"), formally known as 'Bold K9 Solutions,' offers a wide range of training programs for all dogs regardless of their age, breed, temperament or future line of work. Our head trainer Bryan Hansen served five years with the U.S. Marine Corps before going on to earn his certification from the American K9 Interdiction (AK9I) Training Academy. He and his fellow trainers take great pride in teaching dogs the behaviors they need to become perfect family members – or serve a more specialized purpose, such as emotional support, hunting or police work.

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What does "ARETE" mean?

In classical Greek culture, "arete" roughly translates to "excellence" or "virtue." It signifies the fulfillment of purpose or function; the act of living up to one's full potential. This notion isn't limited to humans but can also be applied to objects. For example, a knife's "ARETE" is its sharpness since that's its purpose.

A dog trainer, like the Greek concept of "arete," aims to enhance a home through expertise in dog behavior, helping dogs reach their full potential as well-behaved companions. Just as a knife's "arete" is its sharpness, a dog trainer's "arete" is their skill in shaping canine behavior, creating a harmonious home environment. They transform unruly dogs into obedient, well-behaved pets, enriching households with their valuable contributions.

Our Dog Trainers Demonstrate "arete" Through the

Following Traits and Qualities:

Patience and Persistence

Much like the virtue of endurance, our dog trainers exhibit patience and persistence in their work, understanding that behavioral changes in dogs may take time and consistent effort to achieve.

Adaptability and Communication

Effective communication is essential, and our dog trainers adapt their communication styles to connect with both dogs and their human companions, demonstrating flexibility and the ability to understand different needs and learning styles.

Empathy and Compassion

Similar to the concept of compassion, our dog trainers show empathy and understanding toward dogs, recognizing their individual needs, fears, and motivations. They work to create a safe and supportive environment for learning and growth.

Knowledge and Expertise

Our dog trainers strive for excellence by continuously expanding their knowledge of canine behavior and training techniques. They aim to be experts in their field, enabling them to guide dogs and their owners with effective training.

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